Communiqué 3

41e Spie Junioren 3daagse Axel
Communiqué by the commissaires panel stage 3

General individual classification, Yellow Jersey
Leader number:  31 August, Andrew

General points classification, Green Jersey
Leader number: 7  Chamberlain, Oscar

General youth classification, White Jersey
Leader number:   3 Louwlarsen, Anton

General sprint classification, Red Jersey
Leader number:   125-Uptegrove, Ed 	

General cobble classification, Grey Jersey
Leader number:   102 Hayma, Karst   

General combination classification, Blue Jersey
Leader number:   10 Grisel, Matys

Penalties: Unseemly or inappropriate behaviour - Fine of Chf 50
40 – Heirbaut, Toon    UCI ID 10065094256 Recrossing the finish line in wrong direction - Fine of Chf 50
106- Rode, Casper   UCI ID 10020544984

Due to a puncture in the last 3 kilometers of the race the following rider will receive the time of the bunch: